Press Release: Economic Development Officials Talk Tax Base, Land Use

“Ambitious” Goal of Meeting with Every Municipality and School Board in Adams County

GETTYSBURG, PA (November 2, 2017) – Officials with the Adams Economic Alliance (AEA) and the Adams County Office of Planning and Development (ACOPD) are in the midst of an “ambitious” goal—meeting with officials from every municipality and school board in Adams County during 2017 in order to educate, listen and gather feedback on each entity’s mix of land use and development with the ultimate goal of expanding the county’s tax base and economy.

“We are calling 2017 ‘the year of the municipality’ because my colleagues and I are focused on the ambitious goal of meeting face-to-face with officials from every single one of Adams County’s 34 municipalities and six school districts,” says Robin Fitzpatrick, AEA President. Continue reading Press Release: Economic Development Officials Talk Tax Base, Land Use


Because We’re a Commonwealth

acedc-projects-in-upper-adams-sdBy Robin Fitzpatrick

I’m going to put you on the spot today and start with three questions. Let’s see how you do!

Q: Why is planning for land use important?

A: Similar to other plans, it outlines where we want to go! The goal of land-use planning is to further the health, safety and welfare of people and their communities by meeting their needs while safeguarding natural resources. It’s the process by which lands are evaluated and assessed to become a basis for decisions involving land use and configuration. Here’s a hint.  Remember the terms evaluated and assessed!

Q: Who has the most influence over land use in your community? Continue reading Because We’re a Commonwealth