ACEDC Announces SAY Plastics is Recipient of Ben Franklin Technology Partners Funding

McSherrystown Company Applauded for “Innovation and Vision”

SAY Plastics, McSherrystown, Adams County
SAY Plastics, McSherrystown, Adams County

GETTYSBURG, PA (January 17, 2017) – Adams County’s SAY Plastics is one of eleven Pennsylvania companies receiving funding and services from Ben Franklin Technology Partners (BFTP), a state initiative that supports emerging tech-based companies and existing manufacturers seeking diversification in innovating ways.

SAY Plastics will receive $125,000 to pursue a new market—the transportation industry—and carve out a new niche by re-engineering replacement parts for railcars, trucks, and buses. Traditionally, transportation parts have been composed of metal and fiberglass materials; SAY Plastics is utilizing a new approach—their customized SAYtooling system—to design thermoformed, cost-effective, plastic components.

Ben Franklin’s funding came about as a result of a referral by Adams County Economic Development Corporation (ACEDC), Gettysburg. Previously, ACEDC financed two Small Business First loans to SAY Plastics.

“We salute SAY Plastics for their innovation and vision,” said ACEDC President Robin Fitzpatrick. “SAY Plastics is at the forefront of Adams County’s growing tech and plastics industry, taking advantage of our strategic location along the Mason Dixon Line with easy access to major U.S. markets, as well as our dedicated workforce, and excellent quality of life.” Continue reading ACEDC Announces SAY Plastics is Recipient of Ben Franklin Technology Partners Funding


PA: Worldwide Leader

This column appeared in the Gettysburg Times, May 14, 2015

By Kaycee Kemper

Pennsylvania has the 22nd largest economy in the world. That’s right—in the world. In fact, if Pennsylvania was a country, it would nearly qualify as a G20 nation, with a gross domestic product of more than $600 billion. Reminder—the list of G20 nations includes such powerhouse economies as China, Germany, the European Union, Japan, and of course our United States.

The Keystone State ranks number one in the USA for direct foreign investment, and it boasts the 4th highest number of jobs provided by foreign owned companies. In FY 2013-14, Pennsylvania welcomed 24 foreign-based companies to the state, along with a total investment of more than $180 million, which created 1,173 jobs. Talk about PA power!

These impressive, eye-opening statistics were presented by state officials from the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) at a conference I recently attended. By bringing this knowledge back to Adams County, it’s my hope that ACEDC can encourage and empower area companies to take advantage of Pennsylvania’s thriving economy, Continue reading PA: Worldwide Leader

Low-Interest Business Loan Yields High “Cash Crop” for Family Farm

Above: Smith Farm, Conewago Township, Adams County, PA

The article was published in the Gettysburg Times, March 12, 2015

By Kaycee Kemper

Steve Smith, a third-generation Adams County farmer, approached us recently with one of the most unique requests for small business loans we’ve ever received. His family had been farming the same fertile land in Conewago Township for more than 85 years, but it wasn’t until 2014 that he had the opportunity to purchase and own this prime agricultural land rather than leasing it.

As we assisted Smith and his family, there were numerous unique twists and turns along the way. Continue reading Low-Interest Business Loan Yields High “Cash Crop” for Family Farm