Press Release: Historic Gettysburg Farm Acquired Via Adams County Economic Development Funding

“Brown’s Ranch” Developing into Beef Cattle Operation

 GETTYSBURG, PA (August 16, 2017) – A low-interest loan facilitated through Adams County Economic Development Corporation (ACEDC) and Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority (PIDA) helped secure the purchase of a historical 232-acre farm in Adams County that’s being developed into a cow calf operation.

“I’ve been searching for a property in Pennsylvania, looking for a way to get back into agriculture, for three years. There aren’t many cattle farms in PA, but this property has the most character out of any that I saw… it was a natural fit,” says John Boyer, 38, of Elizabethtown, Lancaster County.  Currently a defense contractor, Boyer grew up in the agricultural industry and studied animal science at Texas Tech.

A $400,000, 15-year low-interest (two percent) loan processed through ACEDC and PIDA assisted Boyer in the purchase of “Brown’s Ranch,” Gettysburg. The farm has the distinction of bordering the Gettysburg National Military Park along Confederate Avenue; the property’s home was used during the Battle of Gettysburg as the headquarters for Confederate General A.P. Hill.

Financing was organized by ACEDC Vice President Kaycee Kemper through PIDA, and local banker Wayne Steinour, Adams County National Bank.

Boyer’s plans for the property include hay production, and a cow/calf operation. He says financially, Steinour’s recommendation to apply for a PIDA loan to cover part of the financing, was “beneficial,” since that portion of the loan will remain fixed at two percent for 15 years.

“Agriculture remains one of Adams County’s top three industries, thanks to innovative growers and producers such as John Boyer,” says Robin Fitzpatrick, ACEDC President.

“Additionally, we are grateful for community partnerships with local lenders such as Wayne Steinour at ACNB Bank who realize the value of enhancing financing by leveraging ACEDC’s relationships and contacts at the state level,” Fitzpatrick says.

ACEDC is certified annually by the state’s Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) in order to process and administer loan and grant programs for Adams County’s businesses.

This project marks the 143rd low-interest business loan facilitated by ACEDC—and the 46th within Adams County’s agricultural community—since 1996. Previous agricultural loan projects, located throughout the entire county, supported projects that included cattle, orchards, chickens, crop production, eggs, turkeys, and wineries.  Agriculture is considered one of Adams County’s three main pillars of industry, sharing that distinction with tourism and manufacturing/industrial.

Overall, since 1996, ACEDC has secured $29.7 million+ in total public investment via low-interest loans and grants from DCED and $80 million+ in total private investment via local commercial financing.

Adams County Economic Development Corporation (ACEDC), Gettysburg, PA, is a private, 501 (c)(6) not-for-profit organization incorporated in 1989 as a result of a task force initiated by Adams County business leaders. The corporation is governed by a board of director comprised of many local and regional community leaders from all sectors of industry. ACEDC’s mission is to improve the economy of Adams County while preserving and enhancing the quality of life by formulating, implementing, and promoting economic development strategies for sustained investment and employment opportunities in Adams County. For more information, see, follow us on Twitter (@AdamsCoEDC), Facebook (, and LinkedIn.



The 232-acre Gettysburg cattle farm known as “Brown’s Ranch” has been purchased by John Boyer via financing arranged by Adams County Economic Development Corporation (ACEDC) in partnership with Adams County National Bank and Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority (PIDA).

September 7: You’re Invited to Celebrate Four C’s

This article was originally published in the Gettysburg Times, August 10, 2017:

By Kaycee Kemper

A lot happens between August and September—harvests are gathered, a new school year begins, and we enjoy our final summer vacations, daytrips, and picnics. After Labor Day, we return to a more regular work schedule, and we know fall is on its way.

This year, we invite everyone to mark their calendars for the Thursday after Labor Day—September 7. That evening, during a wine & cheese reception from 5-7 pm, we look forward to welcoming all community leaders invested and interested in the efforts of our organization, Adams County Economic Development Corporation (ACEDC). The celebration will revolve around four words that all begin with the letter C:

  • Community
  • Commitment
  • Cooperation
  • Communication

If you think about it, implementing those four words into your business can truly determine your success. At ACEDC, we especially relate these four words to building relationships with partners of all sizes and types.

On September 7, we look forward to thanking all community partners for their support in 2017. And we look forward to sharing two exciting pieces of news:

  • We will be rolling out results from our first-ever eSurvey! During the summer, we gathered lots of feedback about what makes Adams County a great place for living, playing, and working… and what we need to improve upon. We look forward to sharing and discussing these results!
  • ACEDC is revealing a “facelift” as well! Because a certain symmetry exists between and among ACEDC, Adams County Industrial Development Corporation and the Adams County General Authority, each separate and distinct, yet an integral part of an economic development system—which gets confusing—we will be debuting our NEW logo and branding that will represent each organization with one dynamic message.
  • The September 7 celebration is being made possible by a very generous investor, CenturyLink, thanks to Deborah Keyser. CenturyLink’s support is greatly appreciated!

Event invitations are being mailed and emailed; however we don’t want to leave anyone out. If you haven’t received an invitation, we still extend a warm welcome. But please do RSVP by August 31 via phone (717-334-0042, ext. 0).

Adams County’s economic success is shared by all who are committed to investing, partnering, collaborating, and communicating for the good of our community. For that we are truly grateful.

Kaycee Kemper, Vice President of ACEDC, can be reached at 717-334-0042, ext. 2. For additional information, see, and follow the organization on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for the latest Adams County business news.

Powerhouse Partnership

This article was originally published in the Gettysburg Times, May 11, 2017

By Kaycee Kemper

Partnerships are the lifeblood of our work here at the Adams County Economic Development Corporation (ACEDC), and we have recently helped to form a strategic partnership that very well may be the most impactful one to date.

ACEDC, Gettysburg Adams Chamber of Commerce, Destination Gettysburg, and the Adams County Office of Planning and Development have partnered to focus on business attraction efforts in Adams County. Each entity plays an integral role to retain and support businesses in Adams County.  Over the past several months, these entities began discussing which industries our communities can sustain and which industries we would like to attract.

One product that resulted from our meetings thus far: a cooperative advertising campaign hitting regional publications, titled “Advantage Adams.”

Using information provided by a study commissioned by Adams County Office of Planning and Development (ACOPD), the partners are diving into the data and will also be holding industry roundtable discussions throughout the coming months. Various business leaders will be invited to attend the roundtable sessions to discuss challenges and opportunities facing their particular industry. We are interested in learning how our partnership can assist existing businesses to ensure their success into the future. Let us know if you are interested in participating!

You have heard Robin Fitzpatrick, President of ACEDC, talk about 2017 being “the year of the municipality.” ACEDC and ACOPD are also working together to meet with all 34 municipalities this year to learn where and what type of growth is welcome and where it is not.

One of our partners, Sherri Clayton-Williams, Director of the Adams County Office of Planning and Development, has incredible technology at her fingertips, aiding in the identification of parcels of land or buildings poised for development/redevelopment.  The Planned Community Areas (PCA) tool will be extremely helpful during our upcoming meetings with municipalities.

“In our capacity, we can assist ACEDC by using maps to locate a parcel of land or a building. The PCA tool enables us to comprehensively look at parcels of land; it helps us visualize things within our community such as areas where utilities are available, the transportation network, whether land can be adapted to meet the needs of a special project; we can see zoning overlaid on the map; it’s a very flexible tool used to analyze a variety of data,” Clayton-Williams explains.

“Meeting together with municipalities will be very beneficial,” says Clayton-Williams. “It will provide us with a lot of input we can factor into our economic development plan and strategy. We know that land use decisions are made at the local level first.”

Overall, Clayton-Williams says the community strategic partnership is a positive move. “It’s a unique opportunity for all of the partners to work together, and it’s important for the future of economic development in the county. It’s refreshing to hear different perspectives, but in the end we all want the same thing—communities where everyone can live, work, and play. We need to find that balance together.”

Stay tuned for the next Commissioners’ Forum, where the community is invited and encouraged to attend to learn more about this partnership and how we’re pulling our resources to work together for the greater good of Adams County and its business community.

Kaycee Kemper serves as Vice-President of ACEDC. For additional information, see, call 717-334-0042, and follow the organization on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

April 19: Economic Breakfast Chock Full of Indicators

By Kaycee Kemper

One of the region’s most respected economic experts will address Adams County business leaders on April 19. Warren M. Hurt, Vice President and Chief Investment Officer for F&M Trust Company, is the featured speaker for the Gettysburg Adams Chamber of Commerce Economic Breakfast, being held in partnership with the Adams County Economic Development Corporation (ACEDC). Continue reading April 19: Economic Breakfast Chock Full of Indicators

Partnerships: Essential for 2017 Success

Credit: Aidan Jones, via Wikimedia Commons
Credit: Aidan Jones, via Wikimedia Commons

By Kaycee Kemper

Partnerships have always been of paramount importance to all Adams County Economic Development Corporation (ACEDC) staff, investors, board members, committee members, and volunteers. But as we prepare for 2017 by planning and scheduling events, you’ll be hearing more and more about partnerships than ever before. Continue reading Partnerships: Essential for 2017 Success

Join ACEDC for a Harvest Moon Celebration


This article was originally published in The Gettysburg Times, September 8, 2016

By Kaycee Kemper

Adams County’s economy is rooted in its agricultural heritage. Today, agriculture, along with tourism and manufacturing, comprise the top three sectors of industry in Adams County. Additionally, agribusiness is one of several growth industries we’ve identified. Continue reading Join ACEDC for a Harvest Moon Celebration

Welcoming Summertime Growth

Above: Growth at Adams County Winery

This article was published in the Gettysburg Times, July 9, 2015

By Kaycee Kemper

Did you know that summer is the season when the majority of children record their biggest growth spurts? This healthy, sunny, green time of year is also a wonderful time of growth—on many levels—for thriving Adams County businesses.

If your business is itching to grow in real estate terms—by purchasing, renovating or expanding real estate—or by purchasing machinery or equipment, then we may be able to help via a lending program. Our organization is certified by the state, annually, in order to facilitate lending programs to Adams County businesses. Continue reading Welcoming Summertime Growth

A “First” for Adams County: Manufacturers’ Summit Set for June 19

Above: Daltile is a leader among Adams County’s manufacturers

This column was published in the Gettysburg Times, June 11, 2015

By Kaycee Kemper

Several years ago when Tyco Electronics closed its East Berlin manufacturing facility, I witnessed first-hand the devastating effects that a major manufacturing loss can have upon a community. As part of the Department of Labor and Industry’s Rapid Response Team assembled to help and support the 600 employees who lost their jobs, I’m extremely sensitive and attuned to the need to strengthen the manufacturing industry’s place within the backbone of Pennsylvania’s economy.  Since then, we have lost several additional Adams County-based manufacturers: Master Brand Cabinets, Schindler Elevator and Herff-Jones.

We need to protect and shore up Adams County’s remaining manufacturers, not only because they play a vital role within the Adams County and Pennsylvania economies, but because of their innovative contributions to the American marketplace.

That is why ACEDC is pleased to partner with Senator Rich Alloway, The SouthCentral Workforce Investment Board, and HACC, for a ground-breaking summit focused exclusively on Adams County’s manufacturing industry! Continue reading A “First” for Adams County: Manufacturers’ Summit Set for June 19

PA: Worldwide Leader

This column appeared in the Gettysburg Times, May 14, 2015

By Kaycee Kemper

Pennsylvania has the 22nd largest economy in the world. That’s right—in the world. In fact, if Pennsylvania was a country, it would nearly qualify as a G20 nation, with a gross domestic product of more than $600 billion. Reminder—the list of G20 nations includes such powerhouse economies as China, Germany, the European Union, Japan, and of course our United States.

The Keystone State ranks number one in the USA for direct foreign investment, and it boasts the 4th highest number of jobs provided by foreign owned companies. In FY 2013-14, Pennsylvania welcomed 24 foreign-based companies to the state, along with a total investment of more than $180 million, which created 1,173 jobs. Talk about PA power!

These impressive, eye-opening statistics were presented by state officials from the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) at a conference I recently attended. By bringing this knowledge back to Adams County, it’s my hope that ACEDC can encourage and empower area companies to take advantage of Pennsylvania’s thriving economy, Continue reading PA: Worldwide Leader

Low-Interest Business Loan Yields High “Cash Crop” for Family Farm

Above: Smith Farm, Conewago Township, Adams County, PA

The article was published in the Gettysburg Times, March 12, 2015

By Kaycee Kemper

Steve Smith, a third-generation Adams County farmer, approached us recently with one of the most unique requests for small business loans we’ve ever received. His family had been farming the same fertile land in Conewago Township for more than 85 years, but it wasn’t until 2014 that he had the opportunity to purchase and own this prime agricultural land rather than leasing it.

As we assisted Smith and his family, there were numerous unique twists and turns along the way. Continue reading Low-Interest Business Loan Yields High “Cash Crop” for Family Farm